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Blog Linker is an app for Shopify that lets you connect your products to your blog posts

Responsive and Adaptive Design

Blog Linker adapts to fit in with your theme and is responsive so it will adapt to any screen size or device.


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Connect the Dots

Blog Linker is a simple yet powerful app that allows you to add links to your blog posts on your product pages based on matching tags.

For an example, imagine you have a clothing store. You might have a range of clothing that uses bamboo as a material. You could then have a series of blog articles about sustainable textiles.

Blog Linker will advertise these related blog articles right on the product page, giving customers an instant overview of the topic and entice them to read further.

Easy to Install

Drop it into your product page and it will take on the style of your theme. It is also responsive and will adapt to look good on any screen size. Please note that this app currently will only index Shopify blog articles and not external blogs such as Wordpress.

New! Works Both Ways

You can also use Blog Linker to show related products on a blog article.


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